Drug and Alcohol Detox

September 27, 2017Diana Lengerson

When someone is detoxing from alcohol or drug addiction, many experts in the field realize that sobriety is more easily achieved when using methods of a holistic nature. When combined with the trust and responsibility that an outpatient program entails, this can be the road to recovery that the patient has been seeking to travel for far too long. Here are some of the widely recognized benefits that a holistic Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Program in Miami can bring to those who have the strength to help themselves.

1. Exercise is highly encouraged in holistic programs. Exercise is a recognized leader in reducing stress and creating a positive self-image for the patient. Those who actively participate in individual or group fitness sessions or who even just go on nature walks, will quickly see the benefit of calmness that a dedicated exercise regimen can bring to those who are suffering from addiction.

2. Much has been researched as to the relative positive outcomes of engaging in art therapy. Some of the benefits that have been clinically recognized are a reduction in stress levels, improvement with self esteem, and an increased self awareness. The patients can expel their internal suffering via structured and free-form art projects.

3. Dietary changes are a crucial component of any holistic detox program. The tendency of addicts is to not eat a very healthy diet. In this regard, changes must be made to accommodate a more healthful diet, including fresh fruit and vegetables and unprocessed foods. This will give the recovering addict more natural energy. Many clinics will customize a diet plan for each individual client.

4. Taking classes for stress management is an essential part of recovery. While everyone goes through a certain amount of stress in their daily lives, the amount of stress a recovering addict goes through is multiple times greater. This is because they face the pressure of trying to get clean and “do good” in the eyes of not only themselves but in the eyes of everyone around them. Learning how to handle this pressure will go a long way towards making sure the patient stays on the road to recovery.

5. Meditation and yoga are time-honored ways of calming one’s inner self. These two physical practices have been proven to strengthen the concept of self-awareness which one holds onto. They also are very beneficial to increasing one’s flexibility, balance, as well as the ability to breathe deeply.

6. At a holistic Drug and Alcohol Detox, conventional chemical-based medicines will be replaced with holistic medicines when appropriate. This helps to purge the body of the potentially toxic effects that many traditional medicines can present. Also, when trying to detox from addictive chemicals, the less other chemicals that are in the body is a huge bonus.

7. While some may consider keeping a journal the domain of teenage girls, there is a great benefit to keeping a journal. They are a great way to reflect back on one’s journey towards sobriety and see where various strengths and weaknesses lie. This information can then be channeled towards strengthening the recovery process.

8. The word “spirituality” may scare some people off as they may link it to organized religion, but all it really means is to gain a greater sense of purpose in life and to see things with greater clarity. Many people prefer to avoid the term “spirituality” while still practicing its tenets, and this is perfectly fine. Whatever works best for the recovering addict is what they should proceed with.

9. Many people engage in acupuncture to help relax and to balance their body’s chi. The chi are internal energy pathways which can become blocked over the passage of time, especially when someone is abusing their body with drugs and alcohol. Acupuncture helps to clear these pathways and make the person feel whole again. It is a great tool for addiction recovery.

These are just some of the benefits and tools that a recovering addict can expect to use and enjoy while participating in a holistic outpatient program. While the road to recovery may certainly be a long and arduous one, it is worth it for not only the addict but for their family and friends as well.

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