What is an Assisted Living Calendar?

March 28, 2018Diana Lengerson

Properly managing and maintaining an assisted living facility requires plenty of staff, resources, compassion, and commitment. Whether you are the owner of an assisted living facility or you are currently managing a location, implementing assisted living activities is one of the most important aspects of the job. Using an assisted living calendar solution is one way to keep residents updated on current and future events with ease.

What is an Assisted Living Calendar?

Assisted living calendar programs are tools that are accessible using traditional desktop computers when planning events. Using an assisted living calendar program is ideal when you want to provide an updated list of current events to all residents within your facility. Once your calendar is finished for the day, week, or month of your choice, it is then possible to quickly print copies to share with residents and around your location itself.

The system itself is designed for senior citizen assisted living facilities, including larger typography options and a well-designed interface that is perfect for those with worsening vision. Putting an easy activity calendar to use is possible whether you prefer to implement all of your facility’s activities into one calendar or if you are interested in creating individual calendars to represent a wide range of activities, outings, and events you have planned for the residents who are currently in your location.

Benefits of Using an Assisted Living Calendar Solution

One of the biggest advantages of using an assisted living calendar for your assisted living facility is the ability to do so with ease, even if you are not typically technologically-savvy. Having the ability to create a clear and concise calendar that is also easy to read for senior citizens is imperative to avoid keeping residents “out of the loop” or unable to participate in upcoming events, gatherings, or outings.

Using an assisted living calendar solution is also ideal when you are unable to develop a calendar on your own with the use of a graphic design or word processing program. Quickly add events, dates, times, and other information into specific slots that coordinate with dates in which activities are planned and confirmed.

With an assisted living calendar solution, print multiple copies to have updated calendars delivered to residents regularly, allowing them a personal copy of the calendar to hang or carry on them at all times to act as a better reminder.

Using a calendar solution designed with senior citizens living in facilities in mind is a way to truly transform the environment and atmosphere of your location. With the right tools and technology, drastically reduce the time spent planning and organizing activities and spend more time focusing on clients and residents who are in need of care.

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