The Importance Of Video Surveillance

November 10, 2014Diana Lengerson

Surveillance systems enjoy a technological evolution, nowadays being able for users to have access to images from anywhere, even from mobile devices.

Lately an increasing number of cases in which police solve a crime using video cameras have motivated others to install surveillance video. The increasing number of offenses make a surveillance system should no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity.

The purpose of a video surveillance system is both to prevent an unwanted event and to provide important details for solving crimes and catching those responsible, helping the police to catch the intruders

A video surveillance system can also be useful for parents who leave their children in the care of a nanny. Through an internet connection you can see what happens to your children to ensure that the nanny takes care of them according to your instructions.

Video surveillance systems are not just for households; they can be used and can bring many benefits to your business as well. Through a surveillance system you can avoid theft, but you can also have control over the employees, making sure that they are fulfilling all tasks.

Discover’s latest innovative security solutions and video surveillance (VideoVigilancia), a company that is constantly improving their products to serve you better. The Security System Digital Wireless ENNIO SECURITY offers a security solution for automatic video link to your home, company or business. This system allows you to view directly on the LCD monitor or remotely from your Smartphone or Tablet in real time. With their professional help you can have a digital wireless surveillance system up and running within minutes.


Simply connect the camera to a power source, connect the receiver with LCD 7 ”, and you’re done! … It’s as easy as that! The video will be recorded directly on the SD card, offering a display system, recording and storage, while having a modern and unique design. Place it on a desk, a table, wall or under the counter.

Other innovative features include the advanced motion detection – which is triggered by heat sources, such as people or animals – and an expandable system to 4 cameras. Video Surveillance has never been easier!

Wireless Video Surveillance Kit. Unprecedented and innovative technology that allows you to view your home or business directly on the LCD (included) monitor or remotely from any Smartphone or Tablet in real time.

Wireless Alarm Kit. Choose from fire sensors, gas leak, flooding, and other perimeter and be instantly notified via SMS and phone call when any unpleasant situation is detected.

Video Intercoms CCTV. With an innovative design and advanced technology, the Video Doorman ENNIO combines an advanced CCTV system, telephone and digital frame on a single screen LCD touch screen.

With a modern, attractive, sharper design and easy installation, this protective equipment is ideal for families or any kind of business.

Protect your space, your possessions and your family. Do not risk it! Contact and learn how you can protect yourself against intruders and other unexpected incidents!

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