How to Restore iPhone Notes with FonePaw Software

January 1, 2016Diana Lengerson

Needless to say that iPhone is playing an enormous role in our lives. And saying would not be wrong that we can’t imagine life without having a phone since it’s not only a way to get connected with others but a tool loaded with precious memories and tasks. Memories in the form of images, songs, videos and phone calls have always been close to our heart. Accessing all of them takes us to another world where we get closer to our loved ones. And we never wish to loss all the lovely memories at any rate. But what if you get all your data lostby mistake? I know you will not love to afford it. We have a solution to bring you out from this problem. Even if you get data deleted by mistake, you can recover it. We are talking about FonePaw. If you are quite concerned about your data, please try to download and install FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery as it will help to recuperate various kinds of information..

iPhone is loaded with an excellent feature known as Notes. And it is not only being liked by the iPhone but it has become a necessity. Making short notes helps us to navigate the busy schedule in this fast-paced life. And the fact cannot be denied that iPhone users can’t imagine their lives without Notes as it helps to record everything right from your daily schedule, shopping list of memorandum. And many of you may have already lost your important notes because of failed jailbreak, iOS upgrade or accidental deletion. But there is a solution called FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. There is a number of iPhone who rely on this software to recover their notes.


Features Which Makes it an apple of user’s EYE:

It does not matter how careful you are as mishappening can be happen with anyone. You may lose or damage your phone. Well!!! We don’t have a magical wand to safe your iPhone, but have something precious to safe your essential data. Losing iPhone may not tease you a lot, but losing all precious data can bring a lot of inconvenience to your life. But having FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Software Handy can erase all these problems.

  • This software is equipped with 2 incredible features, first Easy To Navigate and second Simple Interface. It’s quite easy to navigate this software. User does not feel any kind of inconvenience at the time of using it as it guides you at every step. It will not irritate like other software.
  • Apart from it, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Software has become an apple of the user’s eye because of having clean interface. When youuse this software, you will find more than it. This software is highly appreciated among the users as it restores all the lost data within no time.
  • Besides all platforms, this software holds incredible capability to perform well on iCloud and iTunes Backup files both. Having FonePaw means there is no need of your iPhone with you for the recovery.
  • It does not matter how you lost your data, this software will help to recover your data in any situation. Stop taking tension about your data if this excellent software is here to take care of your all information.

How To Recover Deleted Notes on IPHONE:

  • First of all, download this software and install the iPhone Data Recovery first.
  • After then, run the program.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Click “START SCAN”.
  • After scanning, you will find all data in front of you. You can preview all the lost data right from images, video, contacts, video, and bookmarks to notes etc. In order to save your time, you can click only NOTES. In the last, click RECOVER button mentioned at the right corner of the bottom to get restored.



So, what are you waiting for? Say bye-bye to the data-loss problem since now you have a magical wand called FonePaw iPhone Data recovery.

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