How To Reduce Cellphone Radiation

September 25, 2014Diana Lengerson

There’s no secret that warnings regarding the radiation effects of mobile phones are constantly increasing . Those using cellphones all day long should be concerned the most.

The World Health Organization has classified the radiation emitted by cellphones as possibly carcinogenic, being associated particularly with the advent of brain tumors and other medical issues such as headaches, hypertension or dementia of the Alzheimer type.

However, there are some measures that will protect you when using your cellphone:

  • Keep it away from your body as much as possible. Avoid keeping cell phone in your pants pocket. This is because human skin is a good conductor and absorbs electromagnetic waves quickly. Experts say that cellphone can have a negative effect on a man’s potency; therefore it is wise to keep your cellphone on your desk whenever you don’t use it. Additionally, you should not sleep with your cellphone in bed or on the nightstand. However, if you want to use it to wake up in the morning, is advisable to keep the profile “flights” during the night.
  • Avoid talking on your cellphone in the car. It is advisable not to talk on the cellphone in enclosed metal spaces such as vehicles. The intensity of the emitted electromagnetic waves increases, harming health.
  • Stop using your cellphone if signal is reduced. Special attention is required when your phone has a weak signal. Thus, radiation waves from pillars-antenna transmission are proportionally to the line indicator on your cellphone. Hence, it is advisable to talk to the phone only when you have maximum signal. Moreover, it is wise to wait for the call to occur before putting the phone to your ear.
  •  Use your cellphone for short periods. Experts estimate that even a conversation between two and three minutes at your cellphone alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to four hours. The easiest and best way to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones is to reduce the time spent in the cell calls. Whenever you need to speak for a long period of time, solution would be to use the devices hands-free or Bluetooth.
  • Buy products that reduce electromagnetic radiation. They are meant to neutralize harmful radiation from electromagnetic waves, which has been proven to be a great solution for those using cellphone every day.


productShieldAires Tech offers a full range of electromagnetic radiation protection devices. Aires Tech is an award winning, clinically and scientifically proven company. They assure cellphone radiation protection by using silicon based micro processors at affordable prices:

  • Aires Shield, a silicon based micro processor device that effectively neutralizes the device’s harmful radiation.
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  • Aires Shield Extreme, includes a next generation Aires micro processor and an improved resonator antenna.
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  • Black Crystal, a special device that has the role of transforming dangerous day to day wavelengths to minimum levels. This ultimate generation device will generate a protective field, canceling harmful wave fronts. clients have access to all of these modern devices plus relevant articles regarding the side-effects of electromagnetic fields. Browse the website and find the radiation protection device that suits you the best!

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