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March 14, 2017Diana Lengerson


While becoming a notary is not going to leave you wealthy, it may help you earn a few extra dollars; in fact, many notaries use the position as a side job and save the cash that they earn for vacations or additions to their child’s college fund. However, many people interested in becoming a notary have no idea how to do so.

Becoming a Notary

The first step to earning extra cash in the position involves learning how to become a notary and finding clients who are willing to pay for your services. To be qualified as a notary, you must first make sure that you fully understand your state’s requirements for doing so; while many qualifications are the same in different areas, making such an assumption could slow down the process of becoming a notary.

Many areas require future notaries to complete training, take an exam or both. States that allow only trained, tested individuals to become notaries include California, Colorado, North Carolina and Oregon. However, many other states require either training or an exam to qualify for the position. Additionally, some areas will not let an individual become a notary without submitting to and passing a background check.

Obtaining the proper equipment to start working as a notary is also part of the process; for instance, most notaries need to acquire an official seal embosser, official seal stamp and other items to protect their equipment. While not strictly considered equipment, many notaries also choose to protect themselves from potential legal action through the purchase of notary errors and omissions insurance.

Marketing Yourself and Finding Clients

As a notary, you will be responsible for making your services available to those who need them; doing so, however, may require you to advertise yourself effectively. For example, some notaries simply hang a sign on their door while others advertise their services online. It is also ideal to play to your strengths; for instance, if you are the only notary in your town, let potential clients know that you are both available and the exclusive option in that particular geographical area.

Ready, Set, Notarize

Whether you are trying to improve your resume by becoming a notary or you wish to use it as an extra source of income, it is an honorable, exciting way to serve your community. Take steps today to become a notary in your state.

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