10 Reasons Why Divorce Rates Are Shooting Up

June 28, 2017Diana Lengerson


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If you think that sleeping with other people and cheating on your spouse is the main reason why people get divorced, then you have got it all wrong. Divorce rates are spiking throughout the United States, but cheating is not the main reason why these couples are getting divorced. There are so many other reasons than that for these marriages to end. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through the top reasons why divorce rates are shooting up like crazy.

1. You Get into Marriage for The Wrong Reasons Altogether

The first thing that causes divorce is people getting into marriage for the wrong reasons altogether. If you’re marrying someone for money, then that’s a recipe for disaster right away. You should be marrying someone because you are madly in love with them and not because they have a lot of money or you just want to get married for the heck of it. When couples do this, this ends up divorce most of the time.

2. There’s No Individual Identity to Speak Of

Another big part of the divorce equation is the fact that some couples are so close together that they lose their individual identities. Everything, absolutely everything, becomes a story of two people, rather than of one person and another person together. Now, this might seem like a good thing and what marriage is all about. However, if you don’t have individual identities in a relationship, how can you hope to take care of yourself and your needs? We all deserve to be selfish sometimes.

3. You Get Lost in The Roles of Spouses

When you have children as a married couple, oftentimes this can lead to divorce because the spouses get so lost in their roles as parents. They get so lost in what they’re supposed to be for their children that they forget that they are spouses, as well.

4. There’s No Shared Vision of Success

The next thing that could go wrong in a marriage and lead you to looking for an Ontario lawyer is the fact that there is no shared vision of success and there are expectations that were not made clear before. If you have a husband who thinks that you should be spending all of your time at home, cooking and cleaning, then this is something that you may not have known before you got into the marriage.

5. The Intimacy Goes Away Over Time

Another big part of getting a divorce is the fact that the intimacy can go away after a time. When the responsibilities of being a parent, paying taxes, and getting that mortgage taken care of takeover, then you might find yourself not being as intimate with your partner. This is one of the biggest reasons why a couple will get divorced.

6. There Are Unmet Expectations

When there is one partner in a relationship who is trying to get the other partner to do something that they don’t want to do, then that is a recipe for disaster. These unmet expectations about what will constitute the relationship brings couples closer and closer to those divorce papers.

7. Finances Are a Huge Factor

Finances can put an absolutely huge strain on a marriage and can even break it. When you can’t figure out how to pay the bills each month, there is no way that you’re going to have the physical or emotional energy to spend quality time with your partner and care about things like those Friday dates you used to have.

8. Being Out of Touch – Literally

Physical contact is crucial when upholding a relationship over time. Sure, this goes into the sex that you have on a regular basis, but there are also little contacts that you may forget about. Those kisses goodbyes and little hugs that you have in the hallway are crucial to having a strong relationship over time.

9. Different Interests and Priorities in Life

You may discover over the course of a marriage that one person just has different interests and priorities than the other. That’s completely normal as you go through a relationship. Sometimes this can be overcome, but a lot of the times, this might lead to a divorce.

10. The Inability to Solve Conflicts

Of course, one of the main reason why a couple will get divorced is the fact that they can’t solve conflicts by themselves. Even though this is when a mediator should be brought in, a lot of couples just don’t think that these conflicts are able to be solved. Only through divorce can this be fixed.

There you have it. When looking at divorce, there are some major issues that come forward that will lead to this decision.

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