How to surprise your wedding guests!

August 12, 2014Diana Lengerson

Due to the desire of being unique and special, wedding couples are searching for ways to organize the wedding of their dream as original. Each bride wants to be labeled as beautiful and elegant, while the common goal of the couple is to have a modern wedding.

Because there is no party without guests, they should be treated as such and receive attention at all times. As we all know, a successful wedding day lies in contentment guests not only that it ended without incidents. If they felt good and will remember fondly your wedding day, then it certainly was a success.

What surprises would be the most suitable for your guests? Some would say that you will find ideas right away, but to please everyone is not an easy task. This is where creativity has a big role.

Luckily I have some suggestions, so here are my top 4 surprises for your wedding guests:

1.Welcome pictures!

Surprise your guests with a picture in the exact moment of their arrival at the wedding. Hand them over when the wedding is over. For sure they will feel excited and happy about getting a picture so fast.

2.Artistic moments!

If you have a special talent you could prepare an artistic moment , or invite some famous singers, professional dancers, cartoonist or any other person to entertain your guests.

3.Memory corner!

Set up in the room where the big event will be held a “corner of memories” that contains pictures or other items left as symbolist remembrance objects. Certainly this will be a big surprise.

WeddingFavors4.Wedding Favor Soap Bars!

Delight your guests with these original Wedding Soap Favors and bridal shower favors. They can be placed in colored gift bags and will complement your color theme. This way your guests will receive a wonderful, natural soap with a cost that won’t break your wedding budget.

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