Bottle Sparklers!

August 4, 2014Diana Lengerson

No matter how we put it, anyone wants to celebrate like a VIP. Special events are worth to be celebrated in the most extravagant and crazy way possible. Whether you want to impress the viewers or someone particular from your table, an expensive bottle of champagne or wine will do the trick without any question.

There’s no doubt that bars and clubs are looking to make their customers feel special at all times. Adding a bottle  sparkle to champagne, liquor or wine bottle is, most of the time, a fascinating and unique memorable moment color1for customers. This service will cost you less than 1$, and for sure it will not eat into your profit.

One reliable bottle sparkles provider is They offer their clients a variety of unique color bottle sparklers that will assure you’ll stand out of the crowd.

Their gold bottle sparklers are the best choice for bars, clubs or restaurants wanting to make the bottle service a more fascinating experience. They work perfect on cakes and other foods as well.

The website offers the possibility to purchase high quality bottle sparkler clips meant to secure a bottle sparkler. single_clip1They provide clients single or triple bottle sparkler clips depending on the bottle service you offer.

On the website you can find detailed information about shipping terms and for orders over 50$ they offer free shipping.

All in all, if you’re in need of a bottle sparkler provider, I strongly recommend you to check out their website.

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