How to choose an inflatable kayak?

April 29, 2018Diana Lengerson

If you like to explore the challenges of water with kayaking, you will need the best model of inflatable Kayak for such amazing adventure. Today, a complete range of inflatable Kayak is available in the market and it is getting better because of technology and high-quality material. There was a time when inflatable Kayaks were used as pool toys only. Now, you will find good designs with superior build quality to use it anywhere will the best performance to face the challenges of water.

If you also decided to get a new inflatable Kayak to fit your needs and Lifestyle, you will not find it easy to make a good choice. It can be a hard decision because of many manufacturers and lots of models available in the market. You can read this article to get the best inflatable kayaks with detailed explanation.

While comparing the top models to find a perfect inflatable Kayak to match your requirements, here are some useful tips for it:

Consider the size of kayak:

First of all, you will find a huge difference in the sizes of kayaks and market. You should always consider your needs and requirements when you are going to choose the perfect size of the kayak. You should consider your height and should see if you need extra legroom in Kayak. You can also go with compact sized if you are comfortable to use it for kayaking. You may also require additional space in Kayak to store the gear. With all these factors, you will be able to make a good choice to pick the perfect size of Kayak.

Solo or tandem:

You have to think for the needs of Kayak while making your choice from solo or tandem designs. When you are going for such adventure in water, you can choose to go alone or you can take your friend or partner with you. You may also require extra space for your kids or pets in a kayak. If you want to use Kayak solo most of the times, it will be a good idea to go with solo kayak design. These models are available with a compact, smaller and easy to transport designs. If you have both kinds of needs occasionally, you can go with a model that can be converted from tandem to solo on your requirement.

Choose type according to needs:

Good to consider your needs before choosing the type of inflatable Kayak to use it for your adventures. There are several types of models available like The Airis kayak, the sea eagle kayak and the Innova kayaks. Therefore, you should know about the use of all these types of kayaks when you are searching for the perfect type of inflatable Kayak.

  • The Airis kayaks are perfect for the sports because of lightweight and compact design.
  • If you are searching for a portable and design of inflatable Kayak to carry anywhere easily, the sea Eagle razorlite design will be perfect for you.
  • When you want a lightweight and compact design to roll up into small package the Innova kayaks are available as good option.

Compare the price:

When you are going to get inflatable Kayak in the market, you will find a huge difference in different models and companies. First of all, you should prefer all your requirements so that you do not have to compromise with your needs because of rice. If you are going with cheaper models, you may not find that kind of performance to match your requirements. It will be better to compare the price of some of the highest rated and positively reviewed models of inflatable Kayak with some of the good manufacturers in the market. If you want a decent Kayak you can easily find it under $500. If you want good performance and good build quality, you will need to pay about $1,000 for it.

Warranty on inflatable Kayak:

You should also check if the manufacturer is able to provide warranty on inflatable Kayak or not. You never want to face any kind of problem in your kayak therefore, you should always check if you are able to get a warranty on the product or not. With most of the manufacturers, you will find warranty of 6 months to 1 year. Some of the top brands provide warranty of 2, 3, 5 and 10 years on selected models of Inflatable Kayaks. It will be better if you can get at least 2 years warranty on Kayak.


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