Top 5 Principles of Selecting the Best Academic Writing Service

November 30, 2016Diana Lengerson

Academic writing is a highly popular business sphere nowadays, with hundreds of new companies emerging every day and hundreds more vanishing like bubbles. Buying an academic work or hiring a professional for help and guidance in the academic writing process is usually expensive, with prices starting from $7 page in the cheapest services, and reaching over $50 per page for assistance with PhD works.


So how can you avoid being fooled and robbed by indecent providers? How can you guarantee receiving the order on time to save your grade and maintain your reputation? Academic Savers experts have compiled an easy checklist of key features you should check when making a decision to order academic writing from some resource.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support. Before placing an order, make sure that the company provides a hotline for all regions of the country (or even a globally available hotline) and its customer support indeed operates 24/7. It is a common situation for the site to state that they are available round the clock, but when you turn to support at night or at the weekend, you may well find only an automatic-response robot in the chat. Frustrating, isn’t it? Especially if you expect your paper and the time of submission is coming, while nobody’s there to calm you down or to clarify when exactly the paper will arrive.
  2. Pricing and deadlines. We all want to get more by paying less, this is natural. But impossible. Everything has its price, and turning to an academic writing company with a request to complete a Master’s degree research paper within 12 hours sure presupposes that you will have to pay much. If the company you turn to promises to do it quickly and cheaply, beware! It is most likely to be a low-quality piece of writing. Google other companies’ prices to see the industry standard for this volume of work, academic complexity level, and deadline.
  3. Credentials of the company. New companies can be good, this is out of question! Every company started its operation one day in the past. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to be cautious about new sites, since they may be scam – they may take your money and give no product in return, disappearing from the Web on the next day. Hence, if you still want to order from them – look for realistic reviews and feedback from their actual clients in social media, in Google, and on the site to gain a better understanding of their credibility.
  4. Anti-plagiarism policy. The main enemy of students and researchers is plagiarism! It is very easy to copy other authors’ work and submit it as your own, which is often done by low-priced, unfaithful companies. Check the company’s zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism and ask its representatives about anti-plagiarism software they use: you should get 100% guarantees that your work will be original before placing an order!
  5. Refund policy. Every academic writing company should have a detailed and explicit refund policy to refund low-quality or late orders to unsatisfied clients. If the company you refer to does not have such a policy, this should alert you! This means that the company will not return money to you even if no work is done or you get a poorly written paper. Hence, we recommend to work only with companies guaranteeing the refund on the grounds of lateness, plagiarism, poor quality, and product mismatch to requirements.


We hope these five principles will help you to choose the best academic service to make your life easier!

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