Essential Skills You Need to Enhance Your Career

March 16, 2017Diana Lengerson


Finding a job can be incredibly competitive and you could be going up against hundreds of other applicants when searching for a new job. Each business will have their own unique systems and databases that they use, but you could set yourself apart from others by perfecting some essential skills. These are ones that you can adopt and develop that will be helpful in any career, regardless of the job or industry you’re working in. Here are three essential skills that you’ll need to get on the career ladder and become a valuable asset to any organisation.

Excellent IT Skills

Often, prospective employers will be looking to hire someone with good IT skills as many careers will involve some work on a computer. Many companies will have their own in-house systems that they use, but we would recommend brushing up on general IT skills that can be adapted for most jobs. For example, experience in using Microsoft programs can be incredibly useful.

If you think that you could use some training in Outlook, Word, or Excel, take a look at online training courses available, such as the ones on offer by Global Knowledge, which are partnered with Microsoft.

Committed to Personal Development

Enrolling on online training courses, or even volunteering and finding work placements, shows to potential employers that you’re committed to developing your skills. If they see examples on your CV where you’re taking the initiative to enhance your skills, they will see someone who has the potential to be a valued employee. Lifelong learners are open to change, they are adaptable and self-motivated, which signifies a great attitude to work and will be very attractive to employers.

Skilled Communicators

Employers look for people who are skilled in communicating, both verbally and in writing. It’s important that you have experience of interacting with other people so that you can have successful working relationships with your colleagues, work in a team effectively and communicate with clients in a clear and professional way. Depending on the job, good communication skills will be vital for building a rapport with customers, or maintaining a strong relationship with industry contacts. Make sure you highlight any times that you’ve used your communication skills. You may have had some experience in customer service, or worked in a team during education, or even taken on a team project in a previous job.

Focus on these three essential skills to set yourself apart from other applicants. Employers will be looking at people who can fit straight into their organisation and who will adapt to the company’s procedures and remain committed to development. Focusing on perfecting these essential skills will make you an attractive prospect for any employee.

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