How Useful Are Private Investigators in a Criminal Case? 

March 1, 2017Diana Lengerson


Authorities usually have a hard time in dealing with the growing number of criminal cases being assigned to them every day. Despite long nights of doing due diligence, conducting thorough interrogations and following every rule in the procedural book, some policemen tend to overlook important details in a criminal investigation. Pressured to deliver the suspects and close cases quickly, they can sometimes mistakenly pin the crime on innocent people.

Private investigators offer valuable assistance to law enforcement in bringing perpetrators to justice. They are highly analytical and observant, and they would exhaust all means necessary to find the truth. We list down 3 ways a private investigator can be useful in solving criminal cases.

Shed New Light on the Case

Private investigators provide a different perspective in looking at criminal cases. Sometimes when a case has been going on for too long, lawyers tend to hit a dead-end. They consult with private investigators in reviewing the case file to help them defend their clients better. PIs would examine the existing evidence and re-interview all the witnesses.

After conducting their own investigation, they would discover and bring in new evidence that can be used by lawyers to build a stronger case for their client. A private investigator with proficiency in police procedures can also help exploit loopholes found in the opposing side’s defense. Because of their training and through years of experience, private investigators can easily spot the inconsistencies present in the data collected by the other side. By looking at things from another angle, private investigators can give “fresh eyes” to a criminal case.


Access Hard to Find Resources

Private investigators operate within the law in order for the evidence they gather to be admissible in court. In some ways, they even provide better results because they are not hampered or limited by jurisdiction. Private investigators have access to a wide variety of resources that can help them collect useful information. These resources include deposition and public record checking, digital research and surveillance, as well as a network of investigators.

PIs who have been former policemen usually still have strong ties with their old agencies. Most private investigators also have eyes and ears everywhere with the help of their various connections. Some PIs have also begun tapping digital research, giving them access to bank statements, old newspaper clippings, GPS coordinates, social media profiles and other evidence that cannot be researched in the traditional way. They can also help in tracking down potential witnesses that can possibly turn the tides towards the client’s favor. Private investigators use these resources to gain useful information that will help lawyers reinforce their client’s criminal case.

Dedicated and Thorough Investigation

Members of law enforcement and private investigators have a lot of things in common. They’re both critical and methodical in conducting their respective criminal investigations. They’re also both dedicated and hardworking in finding the truth and bringing criminals to justice. One advantage that private investigators have over law enforcement is time. While they’re good at their job, most policemen are burdened with piles of paperwork and a number of pending cases.

Private investigators are hired to work on a client’s case and see it until the very end. They have the luxury of time, allowing them to do exhaustive surveillance. They can follow leads for days and wait for that perfect opportunity to snap a photo or record a video that can be used as strong evidence in court. Provided they aren’t bogged down with other cases on their plate, private investigators can give their 100% in doing their investigation to aid their client in winning their criminal cases.

No matter how good the police work or dedicated the defense team is, some criminal cases are just hard to crack. Outsourcing an expert like a private investigator can be a great deal of help in the resolution of the case. With access to a number of resources, years of experience, and unmatched dedication, private investigators can help the defense or the prosecution team deliver the final blow in winning their criminal cases.

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