Top 5 Advantages of Plastic Packaging

December 29, 2016Diana Lengerson


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Plastic packaging is known to benefit countless industries operating across the globe. From protecting goods that are fragile to cutting down on the costs for transportation, this form of packaging is something that every industry can vouch for. It is a very effective form of packaging that is versatile, cost effective and durable. Though there are aspects of environment protection that one should adhere to, plastic packaging, when done in the right way can prove to be quite efficient.

Plastic is relatively inexpensive when it comes to recycling and when one adheres to all the rules of packaging, then it proves to become quite profitable to a business. Let us take a look at the top 5 advantages of plastic packaging.

  1. Plastic Packaging Is Durable.

Plastic is extremely strong in nature. When manufactured correctly using the right measures like the thickness, this form of packaging will provide excellent protection to a wide range of products. It will keep them safe in transit and will be easy for you to see the product when it is displayed in the stores. It is also a known fact that many plastic containers are often reused by consumers. Lesser energy is used in the manufacture of plastic packaging than in metal, glass and many other forms of packaging.

Plastic packaging is also highly effective, especially when it comes to fresh produce. The ability of plastic to seal the product in an airtight environment definitely conveys the message that the product can stay fresh for longer and thereby there is less wastage.

  1. Plastic Packaging Is Light in weight

One of the biggest advantages of plastic packaging is that it is extremely light in weight. Studies have shown that alternative means of packaging such as metal, glass and paperboard are 4.5 times heavier on average. This clearly means that these packaging options consume significantly more material and resources to achieve the same result. The lighter containers also make transportation of the finished goods more cost effective and efficient; meaning there is lesser impact on the environment.

As a result of this property, plastic is more sustainable and contributes lesser when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions than the alternatives.

  1. Plastic Packaging Is Sustainable

The fact that plastic is durable and long lasting has more positive implications than negative. The durability makes it resource efficient.

It can be recycled easily and many countries are growing to be quite efficient at doing this. If approached correctly, the results can be amazing. To put it into perspective, plastic uses only 10% of the energy necessary to make more plastic whereas glass takes 66% of the energy to create more glass. That makes plastic much more efficient to recycle.

Plastic recycling has created a world of job opportunities, especially for small businesses. There is a common belief that paper or cardboard packaging is a lot more environmentally friendly. While it does biodegrade a lot more easily than plastic, it requires significantly more energy to produce than plastic. It also uses more energy and water to recycle. So, you see, there is a difference.

  1. Plastic Packaging Is Versatile

Plastic can be molded into any conceivable shape or size making it extremely versatile. The possible applications are endless. There is no other material as easy to form and as functional as plastic. It can be used to pack a wide range of products at ease.

With certain products, there is simply no practical alternative to plastic, irrespective of any other factors. If you shop around, there are a wide range of bottles and jars for sale.

  1. Plastic Packaging Is Cost Effective

Plastic packaging is really inexpensive when it comes to design and manufacture. It can easily be customized according to your product and modified when necessary. The fact that it is light in weight reduces transport and storage costs making the end product less expensive for the end user. It is also an advantage when it comes to recycling as it is light to transport empty plastic containers or packaging to the recycling centres.

Now that you understand a few of the many advantages that plastic packaging has to offer, you will see it is not as bad as it is often expected to be. Obviously, it would be great to not have so much of plastic waste going into the environment but given the current alternatives and the varied measures that one can take, plastic is indeed a good option. Give it a thought!

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