Tips for Finding the Best Credit Cards

January 29, 2017Diana Lengerson

Whether you are a student seeking a card with rewards or you are a business owner looking to get rewards for using your card for your business needs. How do you know you are getting the best rewards?  The latter question is one of the most common questions those seeking credit cards consider. Finding the perfect for your personal or business needs can be daunting, but you can conquer the challenge by using an online resource built for the specific purpose of helping you find the best credit card offers at the time you conduct your search.

A visit to the effectify website can get you started on the right track with your credit card and rewards research. Let’s face it, you don’t want to apply for every card you find as it can have a negative impact on your actual credit score.  A couple of requests for credit made by you in a small period and it might look as if you are struggling financially – these hard hits or hard inquiries can lower your score.


Soft hits or soft inquiries include the times you look at your report, or if someone conducts a background check and when you are seeking a loan that is preapproved – no impact on your credit card occurs with these types of queries. Effectify site will present you with all the important facts you’ll want at a glance so that it will take far less time for you to find a rewards card that will benefit you and your lifestyle or business needs.

Easy Scan Information

No two rewards cards are ever the same. Even if they share some considerable similarities. This leaves you having to examine the annual percentage rate (APR) and you’ll want to choose the one with the lowest APR as possible.  Bear in mind that there are non-rewards that may even have a lower APR than those with rewards. Thus, if it is rewards you want opt for the card with the best APR, but if you are looking to save on interest, then go for the lowest APR overall.

In-Depth Details at a Glance

You don’t have to go to different creditors websites to find the best card with the lowest APR or the lowest annual membership fees.  Effectify takes the footwork out of finding opportunities to establish lines of credit. You can explore card benefits, the fine print, requirements for eligibility, and the pros and cons associated with whatever card you explore. Get an instant list based on your needs.  Effectify lets you find it based on categories like student or business, or you can search for low APR rates, balance transfers, or by the card issuer or even your credit quality.

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