Six Ways To Be A Great Tenant

April 23, 2018Diana Lengerson

When people talk about the tenant-landlord relationship, it is often spoken about from the perspective of the tenant. However, for both parties to have a good relationship, there needs to be an atmosphere of mutual respect. As much as the landlord needs to abide by certain rules, it is important that the tenant also respect the landlord. Having a positive relationship with your landlord will make your lease go by smoothly. Here are a few tips to having a good relationship with your landlord.

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Pay Your Rent on Time

Landlords love it when their tenants pay their rent on time. If possible, try to send in your rent payment a few days early. Landlords are often willing to work with tenants that are having financial difficulties. If you find yourself in this predicament, talk to your landlord. They may appreciate the communication and show a willingness to work with you.

Understand the Lease

Make sure you read and understand the lease before you sign it. Making sure you understand the rights and responsibilities of you and your landlord. If you have the opportunity to negotiate terms with the landlord, make sure every thing agreed upon is written in the agreement. Also, make sure to get a copy of the lease as soon as it is signed. Having a well-written lease that is agreed upon by both will help to decrease any disputes.

Take Care of Your Rental

Treat you rental property as if it were your own. Keep it well maintained and clean. When the landlord stops by, seeing your unit in good condition will create an environment of trust according to Brücke Flooring. Try to avoid any damage to the structure or appliances within the rental. The landlord knows to expect ordinary wear and tear to the unit. However, major damage will reduce the amount of your security deposit. You will definitely annoy your landlord and may have to pay for the damages.

Notify Your Landlord of Any Necessary Repairs

There is a good chance that an appliance or some other part of your rental may need repairing. Should something break or malfunction, notify your landlord as soon as possible. Repairs that get worse over time may cause the landlord to spend more money on repairing them.

Tell Your Landlord that You Plan to Move

Landlords would appreciate it if you told them in advance that you plan to move. Informing them of your move allows them to plan out what they want to do with the unit. Giving your landlord advanced notice is also polite and lets you remaining on good terms with the landlord. You never know if you may need to re-establish a relationship with your former landlord or need a reference.

Do Not Break the Lease

Again, this comes down to understanding every stipulation in your lease. Breaking the lease does not merely involve large things like not paying rent or subletting the unit without permission. Breaking your lease can involve violating any of the smaller conditions written with the lease. Technically, these violations can lead to an eviction. In most situations, minor violations of a lease may cause tension between you and your landlord.

The landlord-tenant relationship is a two-way street. For both parties to exist together, they need to understand their rights and responsibilities. Being a good tenant is one way to ensure that this relationship remains positive.

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