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April 19, 2015Diana Lengerson

There came a point in my life where it was just time to take control back. I felt as though the world was spinning out of control and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. My husband left me for my neighbor and moved in. Apparently they had been having an affair for 6 months and I was left clueless!

He also stuck me with maxed out credit cards which I began struggling to pay just the minimum payments each month. I lost my job because I fell into a deep depression. To top it off, I was not speaking to my family because my husband caused so many problems. I had no support system. Never in my life have I ever felt so alone with nowhere to turn.

I started looking online for guidance and tried to find a good psychic. I just could not find one that blew me away. I can’t recall how I found, but it was while I was searching for a psychic. The thought of casting a spell that actually works was fascinating to me.

I was at the point where I no longer wanted my old life back because it could never work. I just wanted to start fresh. Boy, did I underestimate the power of a love spell! I had a soul mate attraction spell cast to bring someone new into my life. I longed for companionship from someone normal again.

Prior to having this spell cast, I went on a few dating websites and met three different men for dinner. None of them ended up being what I originally thought they were.

Then it happened! I met Jacob and he was everything I have always dreamed about since I was a little girl. I actually met him at a gas station which was totally out of the blue. I was struggling with my gas cap and he offered to help. Right from the start I knew he was a kind soul.

We started talking about his dog since she was in the car with him. He encouraged me to volunteer at an animal shelter that he worked at since he saw that I was an animal lover. I took him up on the suggestion because I just had a good feeling about it.

The first day I volunteered he asked me if I wanted to grab coffee and we have been dating ever since! I can not put into words how happy this man makes me. I KNOW that the love spell I had cast by Marcy at witchcraft magic spells (and her coven) was what brought Jacob into my life. It was exactly what I wanted!

So what happened with my husband? Well…at the same time I had my soul mate love spell cast, I also had a break up spell cast on my husband and neighbor. I normally do not wish badly upon people, but their relationship was directly in my face for months until I had to move to get away from seeing them all the time.

They made it a point to make sure I saw them all over each other every time I went to my car. It was torture. I never reacted or showed that it bothered me, but it burned inside. A few weeks after I had the break up spell cast on them, they had a huge drawn out fight and broke up! Of course, my ex tried to get back together with me, but I had absolutely no desire and was able to walk away with the upper hand!

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