I am a Man, Why Should I Wear a Ring?

January 19, 2017Diana Lengerson

There is a huge following these days about men’s rings and their importance. Traditionally, men should wear a ring on their index finger of their left hand. A ring on your index finger is to symbolize marriage or commitment into a relationship. These days however, rings are becoming more of a fashion statement for the modern man.

As to be expected, men often buy rings because they have either decided to propose to the woman of their dreams or because they are just about to tie the knot in holy matrimony. Apart from weddings and engagements, rings can also be worn for fun. They are a wonderful piece of accessorizing and making a man’s look more stylish, chic and trendy.

Therefore, if you are a man and you would like to show off your fashion prowess, go for the ring. It is the easiest way for you to impress. However, how and when you wear the ring (or rings) should be dictated by your own personal style

Men; Why wear a ring?

  • To accessorize – forget the myths and misconceptions surrounding a man’s ring. Just like any other accessory, put a ring on that finger and walk out knowing that you are looking your best. After all, we accessorize to accentuate our overall look, right?
  • To show their social status – in most cases, men who wear rings happen to be celebrities and people of high social status. Like most people like to put it, ‘you will know a rich man by the rings on his finger’
  • To stand out – for you to make a fashion statement, you must stand out. And since men’s rings are not as popular as women’s rings, any man who wear a ring (or rings) grabs the attention of others.
  • To symbolize love – since time immemorial, rings are symbols of love. Anyone who wears a ring on their fourth finger of their left hand, man or woman is assumed to be married or engaged. For example, TungstenRings.com offers very striking wedding bands for couples.

Guidelines to buying a man’s ring

The market is flooded with different options to choose from and settling for a choice has proven to be a total nightmare especially for men. Luckily, we have noticed the increasing emphasis on rings as a fashion statement for the modern man and came up with the guidelines to buying a man’s ring. Read on.

  • Determine your budget – how much are you willing to spend? Have a figure with you before going shopping. Go for what is within your means.
  • Know your metal – there are different metals to choose from. Before walking into that jewelry store, research widely about rings and the different ring metals. By so doing, you will know exactly what to buy.
  • Visit different jewelers – there is a wide selection of jewelry to choose from; ranging from different sizes, to different shapes, to different designs, and the list is endless. By visiting several jewelers, you will have a lot to choose from and the whole experience will be fun.




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