Shopping For Upcoming School Days

September 2, 2014Diana Lengerson

Over the past few years an increasing number of schools around the world have started issuing orders for a strict dress code. A boy’s uniform today will consist of a polo shirt, pants and jumpers. The style will mainly depend on the age of the pupil and the school. There are some schools that are much stricter about implementing a solid color for all uniforms for instance kids are required just to wear khaki, black or navy blue uniform. Even though the majority of kids will dread having to wear a uniform to school, these happen to be a big blessing for parents who are often busy, and getting kids dressed can often be a time consuming task when they have choices.

You can buy school uniforms today at regular retailers and even stores that sell shopping goods. If you go online you’ll find that a number of offline stores also have websites that offer free delivery. You can also find used or second hand school uniform for a fraction of the price at auction sites like eBay. However, the difficult part of shopping for the right school uniform goes well beyond the color and style. Many parents want to purchase uniforms that are durable, easy to wash, iron and something they can pass on to younger kids once the older ones grow out of it. But finding durable school garments can be a challenge.

Start by checking a few things

When buying school uniforms for boys you should start with a copy of the school’s dress code in writing. This will be provided by your child’s school and make it a lot easier to find the exact same thing. There are some schools as mentioned above who are very specific about the uniforms that students wear which includes color and style. So, you need to make sure that the uniform is correct in terms of cut and color. You then also have to consider sizes because kids happen to grow very fast, so you’ll want to avoid buying too many pants and shorts because by the time the season will change they would have become taller or broader and a larger size will be needed. At last consider your budget, because the price of uniforms will vary depending on brand and seller. Some common brands are Old Navy, French Toast, Gap and Austin Clothing.

Buying second hand makes sense

Kids under the age of ten grow faster than those above fifteen. So if your child is less than ten years of age consider buying second hand uniforms. These uniforms are often easy to find in good condition because they have possibly just been worn for one season by the seller’s child. Visit the local second hand store and the Salvation Army with the specifications from the school. Also search online using terms like “second hand school uniforms in Sydney” etc. You should come across quite a few sellers.

Get the sizes right

When buying online you’ll be presented with a style and size chart. The size chart is of particular importance because if it’s too loose or too tight your kid will have a hard time wearing the uniform. The important things to check for are the collar size, sleeve length, chest size and length. An inch above does not matter but would rather give your child some room to grow into the school uniform.

Buy a size larger winter wear

You should stock up on your child’s school winter wear a few months before the winter sets in. The advantage of doing this is that you’ll be able to find a few discounts. This will help you save up to 25% off what you wear compared to having to pay almost 30% more when the winter sets in. In order to get the size right Lowes recommends that you purchase blazers and warm pants that are an inch longer and half an inch broader. This will help to compensate for your kid’s growth by the time its winter and time for them to wear the warm school uniform. That said it will not matter much if it’s still a few centimeters loose because that will be compensated for when they wear a shirt underneath.

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