Designer Tips For Creating A Killer DIY Homecoming Dress

September 19, 2018Simon

One of the first significant formal events in a young woman’s life is the much-anticipated homecoming dance. Homecoming can be thought of as a sort of dress rehearsal for prom, so you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the type of dress you want to wear for this special occasion. Maybe you’ve found the perfect one already made but it costs an arm and a leg, or maybe the dress of your dreams only exists in your dreams.

I’m Jessica, a designer at fashion retailer JJ’s House, and my specialty is special occasion wear. Whether you’re a crafty lady who wants to show off her skills or you’re looking to put together a one-of-a-kind piece without blowing the bank, I’m here to share some excellent ideas for creating a killer DIY homecoming dress. Let’s get started.

Planning Your Design

Close your eyes and envision yourself in the dress of you dreams. Sketch it on a piece of paper and start planning your look. Make sure your vision has you in a dress that will suit your body type, highlighting all the areas you love and covering up the spots that may make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Once you have your sketch completed, check your wardrobe and see if you have any pieces you can use to create your ensemble. Maybe you have a dress that just needs to be altered or maybe you want to create a dress out of a few different items you own. Whatever the case may be, gather any materials you already own that you can use to put together your design.

Gathering Materials and Supplies

Once you see what you have to get started with from home, you can begin making a list of extra materials and supplies like sequins that need to be purchased. If your goal is to save money, try to make this list as short as possible by being crafty and using everything you can from home. If your goal is to be creative and you have a good budget, don’t forget any details. Plan down to the last button and sparkle and get to shopping.

Think Outside the Box

Whether you’re making a DIY dress out of a passion for fashion or to save some big bucks, be creative with your design and think outside the box. The best part about DIY is that it gives you the chance to put your own unique signature on your garment and create something new and innovative that hasn’t been done or seen before.

When it comes to fashion, being crafty is always cool. When you know how to make or alter your own clothes, you end up with pieces that no one has but you. You can catch people’s attention and when they ask where you got your dress from, you can proudly reply that you made it yourself. Seeing the look of astonishment and envy never gets old. Who knows? Your creation can even go viral and inspire other young women like yourself to take a risk and get crafty with their own clothes.

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