A Comforting Trend – High Rise Jeans

August 20, 2014Diana Lengerson

After several years of low rise jeans and sagging it would appear that fashion is turning full circle and higher rise styles are returning to favour. I am sure that this about face is entirely due to the industry’s need to generate new sales by forcing everyone to ditch their current wardrobe in favour of new designs. However, whether you feel the need to be right on trend or not, the renaissance of higher waistbands is decidedly a good thing not least because it means you can actually find a pair without conducting a forensic search of the high street.

Growing Population

It is a fact that people are getting bigger. The obesity epidemic is spreading and the fashion industry has responded by promoting clothing designed to control and disguise the flab. You can truss yourself up in figure fixing lingerie, suck yourself in with control tights and disguise your belly with miracle swimsuits. Magazines are packed full of advice on how to conceal cankles, batwings and muffin tops and there is a plethora of styling tips if you are an apple or a pear. Clothing sizes have also become more generous in order to kid us that we are smaller than we really. All of which makes it rather surprising that the move back to high rise jeans hasn’t materialised sooner.

Low Rise

Low rise jeans are a complete disaster for the pleasantly plump as well as the downright flabby and make muffin tops inevitable. They can shorten your silhouette making them a poor choice for the vertically challenged and combined with stretch fabrics have a tendency to become lower and lower rise as you move about. High rise is a much better choice for the less than perfect figure and those of us who always stuck to the style will at last be able to find what we need more easily now.

Figure Fixing Ranges

Before the mainstream saw the light the specialists were already heading higher. Several labels have been producing figure fixing denim for some time. These styles feature waistbands which sit even higher than the natural waist, eliminating the unsightly muffin effect, elongating the legs and seeing off the gaping waists that result from trying to accommodate feminine hips. Given that so many people are now overweight I find it somewhat surprising that the big brands haven’t jumped on the bandwagon before now.

No Easy Fix

Having said all this I have to admit that I think there are limits to what can be achieved by wearing the right clothes and employing every technique at your disposal to disguise the flab. It is possible to prevent the less appealing aspects of your body from being on public display and you can certainly balance your figure and smooth out a few bumps. However, there is no such thing as a miracle and if you are overweight you will look overweight whatever you wear and no matter what size is printed on the label. Clever garments are about the redistribution of your assets not the banishing of them. The best way to look great in jeans of any style is to lose weight!

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