A look at why the 2012 Ford B-MAX is still a major player in the MVP market

August 30, 2014Diana Lengerson

Ford B-Max

Released in 2012 by Ford, the B-MAX is a popular mini MPV and people carrier with a difference.

The removal of the B pillar between the front and back seats means that it has a more than average wide door, in fact, it is almost double the size of a normal door. The rear doors are sliding which makes this car one of the most versatile for loading and for parking in tight spaces.

The Ford B-MAX has been likened to the Ford Fiesta Supermini which is not as tall and still has the B Pillar. As with the Fiesta, Ford has made the B-MAX great fun to drive and it is relatively cheap on fuel. There are several editions of the car starting with the entry level Studio and going up to the top of the range Titanium.


When it comes to driving, the B-MAX is easy and fun with excellent steering that reacts quickly. Grip to the road is good at all speeds but the extra height of the vehicle makes it lean when going through bends and it can feel a little bouncy when manoeuvring around country roads. The transmission is manual and is slick enough to satisfy most drivers. There is the option of automatic gears with the 1.6 litre petrol engine model but this is a thirsty beast so is not recommended if fuel economy is top of your list of requirements.


The interior of the car is comfortable and it is easy to access with plenty of legroom and headroom. The steering wheel has a good range of adjustments and seats are comfortable with lots of support. All the controls are easily reached although one minor niggle is the amount of buttons on the dash which is slightly confusing until you master them.

The B-MAX has been assembled to be reliable and even though all Fords are sold with RAC cover, you will probably not need to take advantage of this service. The absence of the B pillar has raised some concern but Ford has changed the strength of the frame and the car has passed the Euro NCAP safety tests with flying colours.


This excellent new design with the absence of a B pillar means that the B-MAX is very easy access. Once inside, there is loads of space. The boot is a good size and has a false floor for extra storage. With the rear seats folded down the boot holds a mighty 1,386 litres of luggage space.

Ford has priced the vehicle very competitively and has included extras like a digital radio, air conditioning and safety equipment as standard. And as it is still only just two years old as a model, you won’t be lef thinking “are there hidden mechanical and engine problems, are my car mats genuine and will it fail its MOT?”


So is the Ford B-MAX still one of the best MVPs on the market? There’s tough competition from the Vauxhall Meriva, Citreon Berlingo and Nissan Note. But due to some of the great features listed above, and the fact you can now pick one up from around £10,000 to £13,000, it’s certainly still a main player in the mini people carrier market!

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