5 Hacks to Detail the Exterior of Your Car

May 18, 2017Diana Lengerson


Photo by jarmoluk, CC0 1.0

If you’ve looked at the outside of your car lately and scowled a little bit at how it looks, then you’re not alone! After a few years of owning a car, pretty much everyone doesn’t like how the outside looks. Whether it be because of adverse weather conditions or just not taking care of your baby enough, there are plenty of reasons for this. However, there is some good news in all of this. There are plenty of simple hacks that you can try out to detail the exterior of your car and make sure that it’s looking amazing at all times. Keep reading down below to learn more about these hacks and see about using them the next time you’re washing and detailing your vehicle.

  1. Use Two Buckets to Wash

If you didn’t know about this method for washing your car, then don’t worry! Only detailing experts are aware of the two-bucket method to washing your car and ensuring extra great details. You’re going to use one of the buckets for your clean suds and the other will hold clean water. Before you go to dump your cleaning tool into the suds, rinse it off first in the water bucket and dry it out a bit. This is great so that you’re always touching the surface of your car with a clean towel or brush. If you don’t do this, then you’re risking just putting that dirt and debris right back onto your car.

  1. Go for Microfiber

If you haven’t joined the microfiber revolution, then what are you even doing? Pro-detailers have long thrown away their old clothes and opted for microfiber cloths. But why is that? Well, microfiber clothes are much more effective in picking up those tiny particles on your car’s surface than normal towels. They have a unique technology that allows this to happen. When you clean off your car with some old towel that you found in the cabinet, you are not going to be getting all of that dirt off of your car’s surface, which is no good for your detailing goals. Be sure to get color-coded microfiber cloths for all of your cleaning tasks.

  1. Detail the Trim First

When thinking about your trim, this is one of the most important parts of the detailing process. And you definitely don’t want that wax you use on your car’s paint to get onto your trim, which can stain it quickly. Many pro-detailers opt for using a trim protection spray that will repel any of the wax that may get onto your trim. You can do this by washing off your car, drying it, then adding the protection spray onto the trim before waxing the rest of your car.

  1. Apply the Product with A Buffer and Remove with A Towel

You never want to try to remove wax or polish with a buffer. When you do this, that can leave some nasty marks on the car and ruin all of your hard work. You should instead use the buffer to apply the wax to the car and then use a microfiber towel to remove it. This is going to ensure that your car is left with a thin coat of wax that will thoroughly protect it from any harm.

  1. Go for A Dual Action Polisher

One of the absolute best things you can buy to detail the exterior of your car is a dual action polisher. You can find this at the same place where you buy your Corvette parts and accessories. This tool is going to be a bit more expensive than the regular action polisher that you might buy, but you definitely won’t regret buying it. Make sure to know what you’re doing, however, when you use a dual action polisher. If you don’t quite know how to use it, go find an expert who can help out. In the wrong hands, such a polisher can do more harm than good to the surface of your car.

Each of these hacks is going to help you ensure that your car’s exterior looks amazing and stays clean for a longer period of time than it would without them. Make sure to try these out the next time that you wash and detail your car and let us know how they worked for you!


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