SysAid: Simple to Use, Comprehensive Help Desk Software

July 21, 2017Diana Lengerson

Companies of all sizes struggle with coordinating help desk solutions. Lack of organization and accountability creates a cost burden, which no company can afford. Likewise, a poorly run help desk can cost a fortune in lost business. To combat this, business owners could spend countless hours and dollars training a massive support staff. Conversely, they could employ SysAid.

SysAid, founded in 2002, emerged as a solution provider in the IT industry. With over 10,000 clients, the company has continually improved its products over the years. This is never more apparent than with its help desk software.

Their help desk software is an all-in-one solution that is easy to use even for the greenest novice. The software provides solutions for the end-user, acting as an all-around product. Specifically, it provides a self-service portal with a knowledge base, ticket management, remote control, chat and much more. Because each component of the software has their own set of features, every area deserves an in-depth look.

Help Desk Self-Service

End-users want immediate answers to their questions. This software allows a company to enter as much information, as detailed as possible, into the knowledge base. Users can search through articles, media, screenshots and more. Companies can upload searchable blog posts or guide end-users through the most typical problems. They can also add to their FAQs as often as they like. The knowledge base also offers auto-suggest for those end-users who may not be sure how to best phrase their problems.

This self-service feature lets businesses of all sizes operate around the clock without having to hire additional staff. However, the software is not a compendium of knowledge alone. End-users can generate their own support request tickets, which immediately alerts the IT staff to their issues. They can use the software to solve common problems, like resetting passwords or unlocking accounts.

Real-Time Chat

It can be difficult to carry out meaningful, thorough help desk support through the telephone. Chat is often much easier because help desk personnel can link to appropriate articles while explaining issues in black and white. This program offers real-time chat, an excellent tool for IT offices that support many different areas. The chat tool allows personnel to have several windows open at one time, which allows techs to help many end-users at once.

The software also keeps a thorough log of every chat. Tech support and managers can return to the chat conversations when auditing or simply as a reminder of how certain problems are solved. The chat even works when tech support is offline by allowing end-users to leave a message for the next available tech. These messages are converted into a ticket that can be accessed as soon as personnel are available once again.

IT Ticketing and Follow-Up

When it comes to help desks, organization is just as important as technical knowledge. This software keeps help tickets organized and easy to access. Personnel can update each ticket with progress, make reports regarding the issue at hand and state how each matter was resolved. This can then be accessed by management as well as the end-user, who may wish to revisit the problems from time-to-time.

The tickets can also be linked to the appropriate records and tagged with the right personnel in order to keep the work flow as smooth as possible. Each ticket has the option of being escalated in order of importance. They can even be tagged with auto-notifications and dynamic timers that help track the amount of time it takes to resolve any given issue.

Remote Support

Use this software to provide remote support to end-users. With peer-to-peer sharing, HTML or third party integration, support staff can aid a user without having to visit their office. This program works with most Windows and Mac operating systems. It is highly secure and encrypted, which protects all users from outside hacks. Through the system, managers can control who has access to the remote features and who doesn’t, making it even more secure.

All remote support conducted through this program is automatically recorded, which is a beneficial feature for both follow-up and knowledge base pieces. After any sensitive data has been removed, portions of the remote support process can be uploaded for other users to access when they need help.

SysAid is an excellent tool for any IT help desk. It streamlines processes that are already in place while providing end-users with immediate solutions. The company offers a free trial that gives businesses time to decide how to best incorporate the software into their help desk environment. Considering the company has won numerous awards for their IT support software, it is likely that any business would find this program would greatly improve their help desk.


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