Is Your Small Business Meeting Consumer Demands

March 19, 2017Diana Lengerson


In the small business world, there are winners and losers.

The winners tend to be those companies will to do whatever it takes to meet consumer demands.

The losers, meantime, are usually those small businesses failing to meet the needs of consumers, oftentimes needs that are not all that hard to accommodate.

That said is your small business meeting all of the needs of its customers (or as many as possible)?

Alerting Consumers to What Your Brand Offers

In order to leave consumers as satisfied as they can be, start by looking at what you offer them as a small business owner.

For instance, do your customers get regular notices when you are offering specials, discounts; loyalty rewards programs and other enticements to continue doing business with you? If they don’t, that is certainly one way to go about losing some customers and ultimately revenue.

So, how best to go about getting the word out there?

While social media, advertising and marketing pitches, even webinars can all prove quite effective, what about your mobile app? Wait, you do not have a mobile app for your small business?

If you’re wondering what it costs to make a mobile app, you might in fact be happily surprised.

A sound mobile app for your small business will not cost you an arm and a leg, though don’t opt for some cheap phony that will breakdown regularly and/or be useless to consumers. In fact, you can find some great savings out there if you put some time aside to shop around.

With countless app makers out there, don’t necessarily settle on the very first one you come across.

Do your homework, looking to sort through the following important facets of mobile app development and costs:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Features
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Once you have found the app you think is best suited to your small business needs, move forward with putting it to work for your brand.

In turn, your app will prove to be a great spokesperson for your small business, leaving consumers in the know with all you have to offer.

Don’t Take Negative Feedback Lightly

One area where some small business owners come up short time and time again is customer feedback.

For example, a customer buys a product or service from a small business owner, only to find that what they bought hasn’t lived up to the billing it received. Or, maybe the delivery process left the item damaged etc.

As a result, they go online (social media, company’s website etc.) and voice their two cents as to why they are not happy with the purchase. The small business owner figures it is just one customer, what bad could possibly come out of not responding to them?

In reality, much negativity can result in not getting back to the disgruntled customer.

He or she not only may never return to your business, they may alert family and friends to avoid you too. When this happens, what might have been a few drops of rain turns into a bigger storm.

Once again, a mobile app could have saved you time and ultimately customer trouble.

Make sure the app you end up going with allows for customer feedback, even if it means customers commenting on your app itself.

Lastly, always be looking for ways to make the mobile app you ultimately end up with better tomorrow than it is today.

By always thinking how your small business can do things better, you will likely not fall into complacency, something that can be quite dangerous as a small business owner.

In order to meet consumer demands, you may very well come to the conclusion that a mobile app is your best weapon.




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