How SIP Trunking Systems Can Save Businesses Money

July 5, 2018Simon

With the world currently seeing an unprecedented rate of technological advancement, it is perhaps unsurprising that businesses are undergoing significant transformations. From digital innovations to AI, there is plenty for business owners and entrepreneurs to be excited about when it comes to integrating new technologies into their current processes.

SIP Trunking systems, which are offered by companies like Redcentric, are one of the latest innovations which have the potential to greatly benefit many businesses. As such, here is some information on how they work and the benefits they offer.

What Are SIP Trunking Systems?


Those businesses with older phone systems are the biggest beneficiaries of SIP Trunking. It essentially allows them to reap the benefits associated with using IP telephony by connecting their current infrastructure (e.g. phone system) to the public telephone network.

The SIP Trunk acts as the connection between this infrastructure and the public telephone network, allowing the business to use the same network for both voice and data. This has numerous advantages which could help businesses streamline their services.

Save Money

Perhaps the most significant advantage of SIP Trunking systems is that they have the potential to save any given business thousands per year, meaning that they will be able to reinvest money elsewhere in the business.

SIP Trunk calls typically cost far less than ISDN30 calls, yet are renowned for their upstanding quality and ability to be fully integrated with PBX systems. They also allow free calls between other offices if they too make use of a SIP Trunk.

Unified Communication

Another huge benefit of adopting SIP Trunking systems is that they facilitate far greater communication within any given business, allowing messages to be delivered smoothly and with ease. Any business which wishes to have an effective and comprehensive Unified Communications strategy can be confident that implementing SIP Trunking systems will be an effective measure to achieve this.

They also allow calls to be redirected to other locations, a feature which can be especially useful in catastrophic situations and emergencies.

SIP Trunking systems are the next step for those businesses which want to implement the most effective communications systems whilst remaining cost effective and efficient. It is likely that, as more businesses discover the benefits of SIP Trunking, it will be widely adopted by those which do not already make use of it. As such, it is well worth keeping an eye on developments in this innovative and ground-breaking technology.

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