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September 13, 2014Diana Lengerson

In a recent interview with the Managing Director of Repair Bad Reputation, Hersh Davis-Nitzberg was asked about the state of reputation management and why not managing your online reputation can mean losing customers to your competition. Repair Bad Reputation is one of the premier Reputation management firms that was launched on 2007 and continues to pave the way for the growth of this emerging business.


Reputation matters. Everyone has known that every since they went to school – what people thought about you mattered. However, your reputation has only become more and more important as you have got older, and now that you own and run your own business, it is even more vital. Why? Because potential customers will almost certainly check out what other people think about you before they decide to take a risk on you, and if lots of people are telling them not to bother, chances are they won’t.


According to Davis-Nitzberg, “…this has only become more and more difficult in the twenty first century world of modern technology and the internet. Thankfully, it is possible to manage your online reputation, bringing the Hersh_DavisNitzberg_Reputation_Management152positive things that people say about you to the foreground, and diminishing the power of negative things. Online reputation management is not something that you should ignore because it sounds complicated – reputation management services are incredibly important, and without them, your business will definitely be suffering.”


He goes on to say … “If you are not managing your online reputation, most likely are losing customers.” His statement seems to be in line with the facts, in a recent study, more than 80% of people stated that they would not purchase goods or services from a company if they read one single negative thing about them online. That is a huge portion of your potential market, and if you are losing out, then your profits are probably 80% of what they should be.

That is where we come in. Through our online reputation management services, we can ensure that anything negative will pretty much disappear online, whilst positive experiences with your company are highlighted. Carefully and cleverly managing your online reputation with a strategic and well planned reputation management approach could make a huge difference to your company.


More Info about Hersh Davis-Nitzberg and his company can be found at http://davisnitzberg.com/ or http://repairbadreputation.com/

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