Is money the key to happiness?

March 5, 2018Diana Lengerson

Defining happiness can be harder than it looks. Without any doubts, it is a very complex concept that varies based on who tries to explain it.It was once described as being the emotional or mental state which is characterized by mostly positive emotions which lead to intense joy. It was generally accepted that the desire to achieve a permanent happiness state is the goal of most humans.


This purpose of life was always widely discussed by great philosophers such as it was the case of Confucius and Socrates. An obviously business owners. Even so, before reaching that level of joy, psychologists agree that we first need to meet our basic needs. This is the part where this essay begins as money can be seen as a way to create the environment that offers the tools necessary for all the upcoming steps, but the question is if it is enough.

In my opinion, money can’t buy happiness.

The first argument I am bringing is represented by all those things which are not accessible to the people who have the cash. One of the most important things is health. Even though money can give you access to expensive treatments it doesn’t actually fully prevent diseases. It is known that a deplorable health status negatively influences all our emotions and ideologies.


Another thing money can’t buy is love. Since it is a complex feeling based on many factors, money doesn’t seem to have such a big word in this situation. No matter how rich you are, you are not able to buy time which can be very precious especially when spending time with a person who is not going to be there for a long time.

Money is actually limitless.

It is considered an element which is not finite. People who have a lot of money always want more. Because of this desire to gather more and more, they will never be able to achieve a balanced state where they are content with what they already have.  Because of this, I also think that money can sometimes bring exactly the opposite of happiness.

The third argument is based on the fact that when someone fights to earn money they tend to invest all the time and all their available resources in themselves rather than in the people surrounding them. As a result of this, they end by spending less time with the loved ones and more time alone with their work. This can be seen as a vicious circle as in most of the cases the person doesn’t even sense the negative impact all the work has on his or her mind until it is too late. In my opinion, one of the elements that also define happiness are experiences and usually, the rich people are so busy with their other duties that they forget to get involved in other activities too.

The last argument I am going to bring and which I find one of the most powerful ones is regarding the idea of possession. Money is created in order to be spent and since we are not able to buy feelings and experiences all the stuff we get need to be materials one. The problem with everything that is material is that over time it loses its value. The latest generation phone that makes you feel great that you own most likely will be useless in the next years and there will be nothing to be impressed about.

Despite the fact that there are people out there who have a strong opinion when referring to the fact that money can buy happiness, I don’t agree that it is always the case . I can accept the idea that money can bring advantages in case we know how to use them but not that they represent the Holy Grail of happiness. Connections, sense of purpose and achievements are important elements when referring to overall happiness and because of that, I don’t think it is worth to sacrifice them just to earn money. Eventually, this will lead to exhaustion and less happy moments. Indeed, money can make us feel more secure and in some circumstances it can open a few doors for different opportunities but even so, I don’t think it is the key to a happy ending.


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