Green Receptionist Takes Over the Digital Marketing Field

February 19, 2015Diana Lengerson

At first glance Green Receptionist appears to be a normal Internet Marketing (SEO) company but what many consumers do not know is that their services are quickly taking over the Digital Marketing Field. They combine 3 major techniques that when used in tandem are helping businesses grow exponentially. Here is a break down of how they accomplish this.

Search Engine Marketing

Green Receptionist does work both on and off of your website in order to promote it. The work that they do ends up getting your website high rankings on popular search engines such as Google for the services that you provide. This ensures that when a client is looking for a service you provide you are the one that they call on.

24/7 Live Receptionist Services

This is a big one. They have a center of receptionists working round the clock 24/7/365. Anytime you are unable to field the calls for your own business you can forward your calls to them. The receptionists in their center are trained to field your calls as if they are in your office as your own receptionist.They warm up the caller for you then can email or text you the message. This is huge since 90% of callers will move on to the next company if they get an answering machine.

Web Design Services

Making a good impression on the web is pretty vital these days. If you already have a website and it looks old and dated they can spruce it up for you and make it look for cutting edge. You need to convey to your customers that you provide quality and excellence. If your website looks like trash then they will check out a few others that have better web sites. They can even go as far as designing you a new web site from scratch.

My Conclusions

With this combination of marketing services it is now very clear why more and more companies are signing up with Green Receptionist and ditching their more sub-par marketing companies they have delt with in the past. Green Receptionist can be found here: or contacted directly at (800) 462 – 4510.

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