Get the Best Research Tool to Use for your Data Analysis

February 11, 2017Diana Lengerson

In every aspect of life, numbers will always tell whether or not there is progress. In the case of, say, a business, the tyranny of numbers is always used. To know whether the company is gaining, you will look at the revenue coming in and the costs that are being incurred.

If you have a website or an online store, you will need to know which keywords your customers normally use and how frequently they use them. In order to satisfy your customers and simply offer the best, you will need to start by knowing what your customers expect from you. This can be made possible by using a research tool to find out the keywords used by your customers to search content on your website.

When creating a website with the intention of interacting with your customers, you cannot just write content depending on what you feel is right. You may not get the audience that you need, or rather traffic to your site. This is another reason why you need to use a research tool that will show you what your customers are concerned with so that you can provide them with what they want to read.

Now there are free keyword research tools that you can make good use of like keyword inspector. Other free keyword research tools are such as the Google keyword planner, Bing Webmaster tools and Google Search Console among many other tools. You need to be sure to use the best research tool in existence in order to get the best results.

In case you have been wondering just how you will know whether a research tool is the best to use or not, here are a few tips that should give you some insight:

  • Get one that is user-friendly

Have you ever been operating on a program or just any platform yet you cannot understand any of the information being produced? You must be aware of the frustration that comes along with that. This is why you need to ensure that the research tool you use is easy to comprehend. For instance, this could be data being displayed in a graph which you can easily interpret.

One thing that you need to know is that research tools will search in terms of various things like sales per day, product prices, reviews and many more. Such information can be difficult to comprehend if displayed in a complicated manner.

  • Look at convenience

A good research tool should be able to offer a variety of information. It should be able to search and filter by a variety of categories. This could be filtering by query, by numbers and by keywords among many other things.

  • How well known is the research tool?

There are quite a number of research tools being used today. Just in case you are spoilt for choice, go for that which is well known and most used.


Leon Leakey is a frequent user of product research tools. He recommends the free keyword spy tool to anyone who may be looking for a good product research tool. Leon is a fan of real estate as well. He is a part-time consultant at a renowned real estate firm.




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