How Flexibility Can Increase Employee Productivity?

May 15, 2017Diana Lengerson


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Everyone used to think that the old 9 to 5 work week was the best way of going about things. However, more and more research is noting that it might be more beneficial to companies to allow more flexibility in employee hours of work. When employees are forced to work eight hours a day during the same hours in the same place, things can get a bit monotonous and boring for those employees. This, in turn, is going to decrease your employee morale and productivity, hurting your business in the long-run. You might have already seen this in your business if you’re having your workers spend 9-5 in the office every day.

In the following article, we’re going to go through the top reasons why flexibility in work hours can help increase your employee’s productivity and bring in more profit for your business. Keep reading down below to learn some more.

  • Those Small Cost Savings Can Add Up

One of the biggest reasons why you should offer flexibility in terms of where and when your employees complete their work is that it will save you money in the long-run. Now, you might think at first that having your employees work at random hours and less hours is going to cost you money. However, think about how much money will be saved if you could shut down the entire office one day a week. Or when your employees can work at home for one or two times every two weeks or so. This means that less people are going to be using electricity, water, and office supplies at the office. This will save the company tons of money in the long-run when these small costs savings begin to add up. Plus, employees are going to be able to save their own money when they don’t have to spend so much on transportation to and from work every day.


  • Mental Health Is Directly Tied to Morale

If you haven’t realized this one yet, then it’s time for a bit of a reality check. The quality of your employee’s mental health is directly tied to their morale on the job. When your employees are working so much and working the same hours every day, their mental health can suffer. This can lead to any number of mental conditions, such as anxiety or depression. When your employees absolutely hate coming to work, they are not going to put in as much quality work and therefore, productivity is going to go down the drain. Studies have shown that when employees are offered flexible working hours and working locations, they are much happier when doing their work than otherwise. Try it out in your office and see how your employee’s mental health improve. And when looking at your employee benefits administration, be sure to think about other ways that you can help employees and their mental health.

  • Recruiting Capable Employees Is Way Easier

When you start offering flexible work hours and flexible work locations in your ads to find new employees, you’re going to suddenly find yourself with tons of competent and qualified people applying for the job. That’s because the best and the brightest of today’s workforce really want to have flexible hours and work whenever they want to. They don’t want to be tied down to the 9-5 job and have to spend so much time at the office. This is especially true when it comes to the younger generations, so if you want to ensure that you are getting plenty of applications from high-quality candidates, add in a flexible work schedule as one of your perks.

  • Productivity Increases When Your Employees Are Happy with Work Hours

And lastly, of course, employees are going to be much more productive whenever they can work from wherever they want, whenever they want. It’s the craving of most employees out there to not be tied behind the same desk for the same hours every day of their career. The change that comes with flexible work schedules and locations is going to make getting those work tasks done much more enjoyable for employees. Each of these points give you more than enough reasons to make a flexible work schedule a crucial part of your company’s employee policies. Your employees are going to be so much more productive and happy at work when you do so. So, what are you waiting for?

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