Waxing ‘Down There’: A Guide

August 4, 2014Diana Lengerson

Waxing ‘Down There’: A Guide

Getting pubic hair waxed can be a daunting prospect for someone who hasn’t had it done before. Not only is waxing a bit of a painful alternative to shaving, but some people feel embarrassed about letting someone else remove their hair ‘down there’. However this introductory guide to having your pubic hair waxed should ensure you that it is not even nearly as bad as you would imagine. It will also help you to choose which waxing treatment is right for you if you decide to give it a go.

Waxing vs Shaving

Shaving is obviously the pain free option for females who have an extremely low pain threshold, and for busy lifestyles it can seem much more convenient to simply trim your bikini line in the shower. However waxing, when done over a period of time, can last for weeks and even months. When shaving your bikini line, on the other hand, it usually grows back within a day or two. And over the years it can result in thicker, more unruly pubic hair that is difficult to control. Waxing has the opposite effect, making it worth the time, investment and slight bit of pain for long-term gains.

If embarrassment is the reason preventing you from going for a salon bikini wax, you should also consider that just as a Doctor is professionally trained, the salons have probably seen it all. They certainly won’t feel embarrassed, so there’s no reason why you should. Just remember to shower and not wear those horrible granny pants on the day!

Choosing a Bikini Wax

Although it should go without saying that you ought to choose a reputable salon for such an intimate treatment, you want to do your research into the type of bikini wax that suits you. From a subtle ‘tidying up’ on the bikini line to full hair removal with a Brazilian wax, there are many styles of wax to choose from. The latter is also known as a Hollywood wax, and if you book yourself in for one of these, then the salon will expect you want all of your pubic hair removed.

However many women simply want to have their public hair tidied up for a holiday or their love life, and therefore a G string wax or standard bikini wax will allow you to keep a small triangle or strip of hair. You will be able to discuss how much you want removing on the day, and the style of finish. When booking, you should also state whether you want a normal or a hot wax treatment, if these options are both available at the salon.

So if you’ve never had a bikini wax before, suck up the courage and book an appointment to see the results for yourself. A few minutes of very light pain for long-lasting gains that you can’t get at home, it’s a salon treatment that every woman should treat herself to once in a while to help you look and feel great down there.

All the above precious advices come from RM-UK.

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