Top 5 Conditioners for Dry Hair

November 19, 2015Diana Lengerson

Hair conditioners are made to improve your hair’s condition. While shampoo is great for cleansing the hair, the shampooing process itself can often cause the hair to get tangled because it can cause the cuticles of each individual strand of hair to become tangled with each other. Conditioners will smooth the cuticles and therefore avoid tangling.

If you have thin or fine hair it may lose it’s body after conditioning but this is normally due to using the wrong conditioner for your hair type. Or insufficient rinsing may also cause it. The same applies to dry hair, using the wrong type of conditioner will leave your hair feeling dry and frizzy. In fact with dry, curly, or thick hair there is no such thing as over conditioning.

Dry hair needs conditioners that are rich with moisture boosting ingredients and the conditioner should be aimed at the ends. A well-formulated conditioner should act on the hair instantly and help detangle the hair. Here is my list of the five best conditioners for dry hair.

Top five conditioners for dry hair

  1. Silicon Mix Conditioner – Silicon Mix have three different types of conditioners. The Hidratante range, the Bambu range and the Proteina de Perla range. The best one for dry hair is the Hidratante range. It is full of moisturizing ingredients and like the name says is designed to hydrate the hair and banish frizz. With the silicon mix conditioner a little goes a long way so smoothing a little quantity of the conditioner in the palm of your hand and applying it to your ends should be sufficient to detangle and smooth your cuticles, moisturizing your hair and adding shine to it. It also contain protein in the form of keratin and ceramides so is excellent for dry processed hair – i.e. colour treated, permed or relaxed hair
  2. Humecto conditioner from Kera Care– this is a lovely conditioner for dry hair because it helps to prevent moisture loss. It is great for detangling and reducing friction between your hair strands. It reduces surface porosity resulting in softer hair.
  3. Macadamia oil conditioner – this is a moisturizing rinse and great for all hair textures. While it is a great conditioner for detangling, it may not be suitable for people with frizzy hair. I say this because it is quite a light conditioner that is designed not to weigh down the hair, but the problem with this is that if you have dry frizzy hair then you need a conditioner that helps smooth your hair. In a sense you need something that can tame your unruly frizzy hair and this conditioner may not cut the mustard. So while I do recommend it for dry hair, I think if you have frizzy hair then it may not produce the best results for your hair.
  4. Moroccan oil conditioner – the Moroccan oil conditioner infuses the hair with argan oil and is especially great if you have dry frizzy hair. It also smells great. It is perfect for use on colour treated hair and also contains some hair strengthening keratin.
  5. Crece Pelo – like Silicon Mix this is a Dominican hair product so a lot of you may not have heard of it. It is a phytotherapeutic conditioner, meaning it has active plant extracts that encourage hair growth. However this isn’t why I included it on this list. It is super softening and will rehydrate dry tired hair. It also has a deep conditioning mask like the Moroccan oil and Macadamia oil conditioners. Here’s a review of the Crece Pelo deep conditioning mask, reviewed by a vlogger with super thick curly hair that is prone to being dry.




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