Why People Are Fascinated by Gemstones?

May 24, 2016Diana Lengerson


Every person has their own preferences for who wants to buy and wear a gemstone. There are several main reasons that make gemstones such a desirable possession.

Gemstones are primarily extremely beautiful. Every stone is a natural work of art, each one having a distinct and separate personality possessing unique and distinguishing beauty marks.

Gemstones retain them value for eternity. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds were always cherished over the time.

Gemstones are a way to store value while enjoying very beautiful jewelry. It is good to know that finer quality gemstones in smaller sizes will hold value better than a larger gemstone that is less fine because of the rarity of fine quality gemstones

Gemstones are durable. Gemstones are capable of lasting for generations even, in some cases – for centuries. The Treasures of King Tut prove that gemstones endure through many lifetimes.

Generally most of gemstones are rare. While it is true that there are new sources of gemstones, today’s economy has brought “expendable” income to more people than ever. Therefore, since the demand for gemstones is greater than ever, the supply is in fact limited in its ability to meet this demand.

Another reason for which people are fascinated and demonstrate a special interest in jewelry and gemstones are often aware of their birthstone.

Emanating from enduring beliefs of the virtues and supernatural powers of stones, certain gemstones are credited by astrologers and spiritualists as being associated with the celestial and as representing reflections of personality and self in their owners.

For example, the birthstone for May is the emerald; a symbol of rebirth which bring to the owner good fortune and youth. If you are curios to discover most beautiful, most intense and most radiant green that can possibly be imagined, we recommend you this website: Safiria

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