How to Drape your Saree Professionally

May 18, 2016Diana Lengerson

A woman draping a saree is a true and most beautiful embodiment of womanhood and the Bollywood culture. It is for this reason that sarees are no longer limited to Indian women, they have been embraced by the western world and they are still elegant and classy. Draping a saree is not as simple as any other clothing. You have to ensure that it fits perfectly and accentuates your body.

1. Prepare all materials/ items

Preparation is  important when draping your saree. You will not have time to move around after you start dressing. This means that clothing and accessories should be prepared and on the dressing table. For that stunning look, prepare the saree blouse, inner skirt, the saree, shoes, bangles, bracelet, hair accessories, bobby pins, earrings, safety pins and decorative bindis.

2. Get the basics right                                                                                      

Wear the blouse and ensure that it fits and ends just below the bust. You can the wear the inner skirt or the petticoat that matches the saree. Also get the right shoes at this time. They should match with the saree and preferably high heels. The petticoat should also be tight tied so that it doesn’t mess the pleats and fabrics. These are necessary if you want to get the online Bollywood replica  sareeslook you’ve dreamt about.

3. Get started with the saree

Make a knot at the end of the saree, the top corner that is plain. Then tuck this knot in the left side of the petticoat or skirt. Then make a complete right to left turn about with the saree’s lower end slightly above the floor. Then, tuck the fabric around your waist into the inner skirt.

Note that the lower part of the saree must always show just your feet, otherwise, you will look less elegant when the ankles are exposed.

4. Making Pleats

Hold the saree tightly with on one side with the thumb and your index finger.  The extra fabric should be hanging from the tucked area. Then stretch the fabric and hold it between your index and your middle fingers. You can then pleat the fabric by winding the cloth from your thumb to the index finger making 6 to 8 pleats. You then tuck the pleats into the petticoat with the pleated sides just below your navel. Then, hold the pleats and adjust them to be even and straight.

5. Drape it

With the extra saree, create a complete right to left round, get the decorative end and pleat the pallu’s top edge. Then, adjust the pleats till even and raise the pleated pallu. Drape it under your right arm then place it over your shoulder letting the saree’s end fall below your knees. Hold the pallu in place with a safety pin.

6. Style our hair

Hair matters and is part of what people will notice about a woman. You should therefore style your hair according to your preference. You may choose to braid as this is works well with Indian costumes. You may use pins and hair clips to decorate your hair.

7. Take care of make-up and accessorize

Use the right foundation, concealer, eye shadow, blush, eye liner and the right lipstick to match your style and the occasion.  You can add a decorative bindi, get matching earrings and adorn your arms with bracelets and bangles.

You may then step out because you will be the most beautiful woman out of that door.

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