What is Liftoff Social?

February 8, 2016Diana Lengerson

In 2015 Facebook recorded over 1billion visitors visiting the social media platform in one day. It’s also the most searched for domain name on the internet. If you’re promoting your business online, Facebook is the best place to start.

The platform has rich user data that can help your business acquire targeted customers with just a few clicks. It’s also great for branding your business by building a following on your business’ Facebook page.

What effect would an additional 250 plus likes have on your business’ Facebook page? For most businesses, additional Facebook likes would mean more brand exposure and possible increase in leads and revenue.

Human psychology shows that crowds attract crowds. If you want to attract leads to your Facebook account, you must increase the number of existing likes. Liftoff Social can help increase your Facebook following.


This service helps businesses gain more Facebook likes within 48 hours. What’s unique about this service is that the likes come from real people. Their strategy is simple, use Facebook Ads which many people love to click on and like.

You have the option to have likes from people around the world or the US only. Their competitive rates are unmatched by even services which use bots to like client’s pages.

Depending on your budget, you can get anything between 250 and over 25000 Facebook likes. The service also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

They are an awesome alternative to just buying fake Likes – they use Facebook’s advertising engine to get our customers real Likes for almost as cheap as if you bought fake ones. So they get their customers real, cheap Likes using Facebook ads. They can target someone’s Likes to be in just a specific country, or to be worldwide.

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