Why Native Advertising is the Future Online Marketing Strategy

February 2, 2017Diana Lengerson

Native advisement involves getting consumers interested in your brand in a non-persuasive way. This involves posting information that is relevant and addresses their needs. Posting an attention-grabbing article for instance on how to loose belly fat addresses the pains of the reader.

Once the reader goes through the article and sees a link to get products to address this pain, they will have more trust on your products. However, if they are reading an article or browsing through different pages and your slimming pills keep popping up, they definitely will trash the information. The reader will feel harassed by your desperate attempts to make a sale and they will not trust your products.


Native advertising therefore uses well packaged information and videos that connects to the reader. Through this, readers tend to trust your products and are eventually converted to customers. Here are six reasons why most companies include native advertising in their online marketing strategy.

  1. Improve your SEO

Through native adverting, your company can improve its presence on google search. This gives you an upper hand to control what google thinks about your brand. Therefore, ensuring that your brand has well packaged and glossy content will improve your search engines on goggle.

Use of native advertising to reach out to consumers creates a viral effect on your webpage and its likely to pop up on many platforms. However, this is a competitive space and in order to stay afloat, improving your content regularly will create brand visibility.

To achieve this posting relevant and engaging content will set you apart and increase your search engines. Consumers will also give you positive reviews if your products are authentic and they are exactly what they claim to be.

  1. Increased sales

Through native advertising companies get more sales. The use of platforms such as Facebook can be a great way of running your advisements.

Using sponsored ads and running Facebook pages is a great way of reaching the organic market. With the high numbers on Facebook and other social media platforms, running these ads creates brand awareness. This turns your followers to customers by adding a call to action button.

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  1. Brand ambassadors

Through native advertising, your company can leverage on brand ambassadors. These are customers who follow and like your products and essentially get to use them.

Customers reward you if they like the product by sharing the information. They can either retweet a post about your product or share it on their Facebook pages and timelines. Their friends get to see the products.

The friends buy the products not because they know anything about your company but because they trust the person sharing the product. This creates a ripple effect and you get the sales.

Subsequently, it will give you repeat customers and also acquire new customers for you. The opposite is also true. The effect can be negative if what you have advertised is not reflected on the products or services. Therefore, it is advisable to be honest and authentic while using native advertising.

  1. Appealing

Well packaged adverts appeals to the emotions of viewers and readers. Native advertising mostly thrives on entertaining and informative content.

The information is meant to offer solutions to everyday challenges. This appeals to the emotions of the viewers. They develop a connection with your brand and are eventually converted to customers.

Displaying a glossy gallery on your page for instance is entertaining and readers will be interested in browsing further and even clicking on your website page to get more information. This could lead to a sale effortlessly.

  1. Consumer engagement

Through native advertisement consumer engagement is higher than using other forms of advertising. Consumers will give you candid feedback on what they think about your products.

Using this feedback, your company can make informed marketing decisions. The feedback can also guide the company on expansion and sales projections.

This also gives your company an opportunity to segment the market and strategize on which markets to give more focus and the ones to slow down.


  1. Market intelligence

Today, no company exists as a monopoly. There is no company that solely enjoys controlling a market. For every new product introduced in the market, there is a clone to the product.

This puts most companies on the move but gives consumers a wide selection of goods and services. While this may be a great thing for consumers, it is not necessarily good for companies.

Through native advertising, companies can conduct market intelligence. They can check on what the competition has to offer. Using the platform, you can understand the quality and pricing of the competitor.

This guides your company’s decisions and the opportunity to conduct market surveys. The surveys give you feedback on what the customer wants in terms of packaging, pricing and quality.

If you are still trying to figure out what native advertising is you probably need to check out AdNow. This is an international advertising company that has its presence in over 107 countries. You can use their services to create a professional eye catching advert for your company.

Embrace native advertising and incorporate in it in your online marketing strategy and watch your profit margins improve.


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