10 Common Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid

December 10, 2015Diana Lengerson

We’ve all been there; created pages, liked them, shared them, posted things on them, but when you’re going to be active on social media for the marketing of your company, there are things you should and shouldn’t do. After a point you might feel like you’re a pro at handling social media coverage because you’ve got over a thousand likes on your page, but beware.

You might just be making some common mistakes that will cause enough damage to your company to make you feel like you should learn how to handle social media all over again. The social world has evolved all too well in the past few years, and anyone and everyone is out there, coming across your marketing page on social media websites.

You might be getting popular, you might be getting ignored. But to ensure that you’re being noticed, and that people are actually giving their time to look at your website or page, you need to follow some tips (and tricks). Everyone makes some usual mistakes during marketing, and to help you out, here’s a list of things you can avoid and adapt when dealing with social media marketing.

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1. Originality pays

Don’t copy what the others are doing. It’s always important to be original, because that is what will attract more customers. Creativity matters, and people will be drawn towards your page more often than not because of it. Your company is unique, so should be your promotion of it. Let people know what you are offering, what your company is about, and how you aim to satisfy your customers. Creativity and originality pay off much better than one would think, and there’s always scope to progress when one is creative. Make your page or website a bit attractive, so people will want to take the trouble of checking it, and seeing what your company is about. But don’t make it too tacky, nobody likes an excess of anything. It’s important to keep your posts in check so you can know whether or not you’ve made any mistakes.

2. Activity and Inactivity

You can’t be too active, and you can’t completely disappear off the face of social media. Be active enough to be noticed by people, but keep mum enough not to become a nuisance. Everyone goes through a horde of pages and posts when they check their newsfeed, and nobody wants to see your posts every minute; they’re going to get bored. What you shouldn’t be doing is not being visible at all either. Your posts should come slowly but steadily. People should know that you are serious about promoting your company, and to let them know what you are willing to offer. It will make the consumers trust your company better. Your seriousness will go on to match their interest in the company.

3. Share just about right

Let people see what your company is about. Information should be shared in the right amount. You have to ensure that you aren’t giving away too much, but at the same time the customers know what your company is made of, and what you aim to achieve. They should know enough to judge whether or not they can show more interest in your company.

4. Acknowledge the critics

There will be positive reviews and there will be negative reviews. You’ve put your company out there so people can see whether or not they want to be more interested in it. They’ll pass judgements based on what you’ve shared and presented, and you must be willing to accept those and try to work on them. Deleting them or responding in a rude, unacceptable way will only deter the willing customers from approaching. You must be open to comments whether or not it discourages you or creates a bad image. Your image is in your hands. You will have to maintain your reputation by taking in all the negativity.

5. Customer is the boss

The customer has to know that you will do what you’ve promised. Don’t make claims that you won’t be able to act upon. The customer being satisfied is your priority, and it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers are being well treated. They should trust you, and to make them do so, you must be more willing to be communicative with them, and to keep their demands and needs in check.

6. Avoid the Monotonous

Robotic and monotonous posts will be boring. Show more inclination towards making your company noticed by people. Your prospective customers won’t be attracted by monotonous and dragging posts. They will want to know that you’re just as interested in bringing up your company out in the world as you are on social media. That is how you build up a relationship with your customers so as to interest them further.

7. Stay Safe

Safety is to be kept in check. There are many hackers out there who want to infiltrate into your pages and websites, spoiling your reputation greatly. It is important to have your privacy settings in check. Hackers will spam your customers, send out inappropriate content, which will deter your customers, and the prospective ones won’t bat an eye before scrolling past your post or page. Keep the safety settings in scrutiny every few months to make sure nothing wrong is happening.

8. Be more enthusiastic

Your company isn’t dull and dreary. It is loyal to its customers, it is excited about the progress, and it is enthusiastic about what is being offered to its customers. Show more excitement and liveliness while making your company known out there on social media. People need to know that you are willing to promote the great things that you and your company hope to achieve in the coming time. Your company is aspiring to become popular and loved, which is why you must show the same to your customers and company.

9. Promise what you can fulfil

You should share and promote what you actually are able to do. There shouldn’t be false promises and hopes that you might not be able to fulfil in time. People will only trust your company if your customer is given what was promised. They will only be inclined to know more if you are not just saying but delivering as well.  There are many places where you can learn to do this, like the Texas Social Media Company.

10. Time is Money

Know who your customers are. They aren’t online and active all the time on social media. Manage your posts accordingly. Post when the consumers are more active so they can notice it on time. If you post on an ungodly hour when other posts will easily come up over yours, be sure that it will not be seen as prominently as it would if you posted on the right time. It is important to know how much promotion you are doing based on the correct timing.

Social media is a vast world, and getting noticed on it is a difficult task indeed. But if you avoid some common errors, and follow the right guidelines, you surely will sail through unharmed.

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