Carry On Luggage

In my honest opinion, owning a piece of luggage is a must in each household. Beside the fact that luggage is a really useful item, it is an admirable accessory as well. Purchasing  suitable luggage is not always an easy decision to make. Doing some online research can really help you a lot if you’re trying to find the perfect luggage.

Sometimes is better to think twice before buying random luggage which proves to be quite inefficient afterwards simply because its features don’t suit you. Don’t just jump on the first one that crosses your hands! First do your research and pick the one that has the best quality. However, quality is also brand related and this aspect, in my opinion, counts the most.

Today while surfing the Internet in pursuit of  suitable luggage, I came upon this really awesome guide to cabin luggage and travel accessories.

They offer users the possibility to get detailed information about every size and shape luggage you can think of.  Their luggage review section covers a really large luggage brands, and the tone used in each and every luggage review is really friendly, making it easy for the reader to comprehend.

One aspect of great importance is that each review is supplemented with some relevant pictures of the luggage in cause. For each luggage you view they have listed some online stores from where you can make your purchase. On their website you can get detailed information about various travel accessories of interest as well. If you need any other information regarding their luggage products and travel accessories you may contact them using their customer service provided on the website.

To sum it up, if you really care about what you intend to purchase, I strongly recommend this luggage and travel accessories guide.




SEO Maxim

SEO (Abbr. from Search Engine Optimization) is maybe one of the most flourishing online industries. You may ask yourself why and the answer is quite simple: say you buy a domain name, subscribe to a web hosting company for a shared hosting (or if you plan something big you’ll going to opt for a VPS or even a dedicated server), deploy your website (which implies more funds, obviously, for: coding, designing, testing, usability, databases and so forth) and voila – You have an online presence.

But… what’s the use of an online store (this is just an example but the rule applies to any e-commerce oriented website – no matter if you’re selling a service or a product) if you have no traffic or if no one gets to your offer?

Here’s where SEO comes into the scene.

Specialists, knowing (almost – I say “almost” because according to Google there are hundreds of factors their SERP algorithm includes) everything about Google algorithms are the ones that you’ll want. is a Romanian (In Romanian “Optimizare SEO” is the term for SEO) company with whom I worked on several of my projects so far and I had excellent results.

Starting from Google Adwords consultancy and mobile apps development to online marketing and promoting – they are experts.

Their customer service is very friendly, helpful and they’re there for you 24/7.

Check ‘em out today! Highly recommended!




Is your man cheating?

You’ve been in a relationship for many years, but something starts to seem really suspicious about your man. The best part of being a woman is we always have a sixth sense when it comes to finding out if he’s cheating. We may ask questions about what seems suspicious, but in the end we always fall for the almost stupid explications man have to offer. Most of the time digging deeper and finding out the truth may seem really hard, therefore is better to listen to your instincts and just act on the problem.

Here are my top “hints” when a man is cheating and you should really react:

1. “Baby sorry I can’t get home.  My crazy boss is making me work late again.”

You’ve been with the guy for some while, you know his work schedule, but all of a sudden he starts getting home late because of his “demanding and crazy” boss, and even worse he has to work on weekends.  Don’t fall for that. He is cheating and you know it. Just pack his things and put them in front of your flat. It’s go time!

2. ”Baby, I’ve just got my second cellphone. The second one I use it for work.”

Really?  I’ve heard that before and I immediately laughed my ass off. If you’re smart (and I know you are) you will realize that the “work” one is the sinful one. Of course, he will let you check his main cellphone, and the one “work related” will be out of reach to you.  Never fall for this lame “2 cellphone” excuse. Get some backbone and throw the damn thing on the window!

3. ”Baby, have you gone mad? She’s just my friend!”

Be careful with the female friends of your boyfriend. Most of the time, a bond of friendship between a man and a woman can very simple turn into a sexual one. At first, accept their friendship, but if you get signals that the relationship is a little more than he claims, start asking questions!

4. ”Honey, I really don’t know who is this crazy woman that keeps calling me.”

Never fall for this one. Of course he knows. “The crazy woman” who keeps calling him was probably a one night stand and now he can’t get rid of her.  If the phone keeps ringing, make sure you will have a conversation with her and try to find out the truth behind his lies.

5. ”Sorry baby, I couldn’t answer the phone. I was in a meeting for hours.”

This one is my favorite!  No matter how busy he might get, he has to be always able to answer his cellphone at least for 1 minute especially if you’re the one ringing, the woman he shares his life with. If he doesn’t have time for you, he will not answer his cellphone and use this pathetic excuse afterwards. Either he is cheating or he is not into you as much as you think!

6. ”Baby, your friend is lying. I didn’t make out with that girl. I wasn’t even there.”

Your phone rings and at the end of the line is your best friend telling you that she just saw your boyfriend kissing another woman. Well, unless your best friend is interested in your boyfriend or jealous of your relationship (which is less probably), she is telling the truth. Confront your man and don’t fall for his explications!

7. “Not tonight honey. I’m too tired from work.”

All of a sudden he starts showing less sexual interest claiming he is too tired because of his daily activities. Yeah sure! He’s probably banging someone else and, of course, he will not be able to perform!



Woman Body

How to lose weight

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Pinterest before this. However, if the term is new to you, then I’ll give you some inside details about this modern platform.

Pinterest is an online platform that offers users the possibility to find out ideas for projects and interests of all kind.  This platform offers users the possibility to get informed about almost any topic of interest and to look around what other people are pinning as well.

Personally, weight control is a topic of interest for me and I prefer to be well informed about this subject before starting a diet. The last thing I want is to take some bad decisions and endanger my health when I’m trying to lose weight.

How to control weight, how to lose weight, how to get skinny, how to lose fat, what foods are right for you, what food burn fat are some of the weight related issues you can find here. If you are trying to lose, control or gain size, there is nothing more important than to have the right tools and information and this user offers useful tips when it comes to losing weight.

Most of the time losing weight is quite difficult because, without any good and reliable sources, we choose the worst foods or diet plans that may endanger health. By using the information provided by this user you can be sure you’ll be able to lose weight in a healthy way without having to start the cycle over and over again once you’ve lost those undesired body pounds. Also, you have the possibility to pin any weight related topic of interest to you and use it afterwards.

In a nut shell, if you’re looking for really good information regarding weight control or loss, make sure you check out this page. I can assure you that the information provided by this user will be of great use if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight!




Crema Minune!

These days having a healthy balanced lifestyle is starting to seem unreachable. Due to the industry system and the continuous technology modernization, there are few brands out there that really do care about people’s health and are not in the business just for the money.

In these “crazy” modern times, finding and buying healthy products without having to spend a small fortune is really becoming a serious issue. Personally, because I really do care about my health and well-being, I am always looking for new and unique brands that offer clients various healthy products at reasonable prices.

Yesterday while browsing the Internet, I came upon a Romanian online store that provides beauty and health products:

Their Fitline Section includes a wide range category of healthy foods (products for weight loss or fitness supplements – healthy products specially made for athletes), while in their Beauty Section they offer clients the possibility to purchase first class quality skin products (anti-ageing, skincare, active gel, repair crème) at really affordable prices and some of them on discounts.

The prices are listed on all products they have on sale along with a rellevant picture. What I like the most about this particular website is the fact that they comprehend a client’s needs and tries at its best to accomplish them.

For any other information regarding their products, you can contact them using their customer service provided on the website page.


To sum it up, if you are looking to buy healthy products of all kind without having to spend a lot of money, I really recommend this Romanian Online Store!